"A trimmed dog is a happy dog"

We work with all breeds, also with those breeds requiring hand-stripping.

If you want something different than the standard racial trimming you might want to provide a photo with the spected result.

Before comming to the trimming:

The dog should be clean and dry. We recommend to clean the dog some hours before coming, as example previous night. Paws might be reasonable dirty... we clean them if this is necessary

Breeds requiring hand-stripping need to have, at least two weeks since last washing. Thourough brushing would be good to be done before coming for grooming.

Please, check that your dog vaccinations are up to date.

Check that your dog has no parasites, this can be done easily while cleaning the dog, as example.

Additional available extra services:

  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning

We are not afraid of challenging dogs (agressive or fear cases). But in this case would be good to know it before hand in order to take precautions and to do a pre-trimming relaxing work if necessary :-)